La PME algérienne et le défi de linternationalisation (French Edition)

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This year saw the start of research workshops aimed at creating an operational platform for stimulating academic debate between faculty members. Contributions are from both faculty members and external researchers. Next year the aim is to enhance the internationalisation of the workshops by inviting more foreign colleagues.

These workshops also allow young researchers to present their papers and obtain feedback from more senior members of the faculty on how to improve their paper, developing the content for the purposes of a conference paper, and subsequently a journal article. These research workshops have provided a forum for exchange both within and between the three different academic areas at Euromed Management.

Dunod, Baets, W. Pinto Leis, R. Philip, J. De Vecchi, D. Blanchard, I. Vuibert, October , pages. Vilela, D. Junior, Grenier, C. Grenier, C. Barkemeyer, R. Hahn, T. Hanoteau, J. Lagoarde-Segot, T. Micheletti, P. Etienvre, E. Galimberti, M. Maltese, L. Hermes Lavoisier, , pp De-Freyman, J. Veran, L. Vial, V. Wang, W. Michel Freyssenet Palgrave Macmillan. Le Roy,F. Dunod, Paris, February Yami, S.

Roy, P. Battista, Dagnino. G,Yami, S. CNRS , pp Hunter, Eds. Sharpe Inc. Zoubir, Y. Paranque, B. Stearns, Oxford University Press,Volume 5. Darbouche, H. Angles, V. Singh, N. G,Zagar R.

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K,Zagar R. Zagar, R. Bartikowski, B. Camus, B. Castagnoni, D. Cova, B. Caru, A. Emerald, , pp Boulaire, C. Bonnemaizon, A. Martin, V. Merunka, D. Albert, N. Boujena, O. Le Bon, J. Spencer, R. Voss, Z. Voss, G. Nathan, September , pp Ben Larbi, S. Nathan, September , pp Ben Larbi,S. Amidieu, P. Bertrand, P. Neumann, B. Mendoza, C. Gualino, February Ducassy, I. Nathan, pp Ebondo, E. Nathan,pp Kupanhy, L. Besancon, M.

Fedi, L.

Economie : L'internationalisation des marchés

Fourriques, M. Guyot, A. Ribeiro, R. Akoumianakis Ed. Rocha Ed. Levratto, N. Paulet Eds. Ohanessian, R. Pignatel, I. Quoi de neuf? Weygand, F. Yahia H. Its objectives are to expose Euromed Management research to outside opinion, academics and practitioners alike, to ensure that it is of international pertinence, and to develop international research relationships. The committee includes non-academic members: Solidarities: as the challenges of our world involve promoting, forming and encouraging links between people adapted to the diversity of economic, social, cultural and environmental situations encountered here and elsewhere.

Responsibility: as it is our duty both as managers and as teachers to offer new solutions and to train managers able to organise and implement them. In order to carry out this research programme, Euromed Management has recruited one professor: Dr.

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  • It has created an ethical finance structure that bases its investment decisions on social and environmental criteria as well as the traditional criteria; profitability is not the only measure of performance,non-financial indicators are also measured. One of the main objectives of the Ethomed project is to create understandable non-financial performance indicators.

    Ethomed aims to select, finance and support responsible projects long term, by bringing together investors and project managers.

    Léon Gingembre défenseur des PME

    It is the only project to combine finance,entrepreneurship and sustainable development. A pooled fund has been created and the income will be paid to an ad hoc body and assigned to proposed projects. It offers the unique opportunity to students to participate in an innovative project, to create a professional and community network, and to acquire the necessary skills to act together for responsible development, allowing them to discover venture capital, micro credit and socially responsible investment.

    La Poste also benefits from training and specific advice for its personnel. This year, Prof. This book supported and contributed to by the Chair La Poste, is the first in a series on diversity, leadership and responsibility edited by Prof. This is a book for managers who wish to move away from a shareholder view towards a stakeholder view, and who have enough courage to turn management into responsible entrepreneurship.

    Nowadays, social responsibility and the sustainable growth of the corporation are totally interrelated. The book presents an original approach: although sustainability and responsibility themes are presented in a variety of publications, most of these books ignore the holistic and dynamic framework within which a manager can really attain an overall understanding of corporate growth and its possible alternatives. This book tackles these issues. Should we rethink growth? Is the abundance of the western world still ethical? Growth, social responsibility and sustainable development are indeed deeply entangled.

    This book aims to provide the reader with a transversal, holistic view on these issues, and a real understanding of corporate growth, along with its possible alternatives. Elizabeth is exploring the possibility of an essential management tool or concept that will help corporations to ascertain their sustainable performance as well as working towards it.

    Julien Hanoteau, Dr. Reflection about growth, sustainable development and the responsibilities of organisations, governments and other stakeholders has gained increased importance in academia. Social capital and trust have been proven to influence economic development and growth. Business schools around the world have started integrating classes about development, corporate responsibility, geopolitics and other related courses into their curriculum. The creation of this research group made up of company directors from the Responsible Manager Network and 6 professors from Euromed Management: Christophe Garonne, Dr.

    Tobias Hahn, Dr. Katia Richomme-Huet, Prof. Zannie Voss and Prof. Zoubir will shed new light on the complex interaction between management, economic development, institutional and political change, and human development so as to equip future managers with the tools to understand, adapt to, evolve in, and shape this new environment.

    The GRIDS project will open up new avenues for corporate and managerial development with the objective of inspiring innovative business models; the project will explore the interaction between the economic and social arenas in different cultural, political and economic settings. The GRIDS project aims to produce high quality research on geopolitics and dynamics, development and well-being, social capital and institutions, entrepreneurship and strategy, personal development and diversity.

    Simultaneously, intermediate articles and papers will be published in credible e-journals and e-resources, such as the Berkley Electronic Press journals or the Middle East Report Online. Laurent Fedi The maritime sector has become a strategic development axis for Euromed Management due to its location in Marseilles the largest French port, the largest Mediterranean port, and the third-largest European port.

    With many high quality training programmes, both in initial and further education, Euromed Management positions itself as leader in maritime management training, both on the French and Euro-Mediterranean market. In line with this positioning, Dr Laurent Fedi, professor of maritime management and law at Euromed Management has created a research project on maritime management and port administration. The main objectives of this project are to: z encourage research in maritime management integrating the subject of ports z finance doctoral theses, studies, publications, books and colloquiums about this sector of activity His research concentrates on the redevelopment of the port of Marseilles in the Eastern basins,the problems related to the co-existence and interaction of the town and the port areas, port governance, and the restoration of the tarnished image of the port.

    Some of the solutions he is working on are how to: z massify the use of containers at the port of Fos, near Marseilles z maintain the diversity of the port on Marseilles which can receive all types of energies z strengthen the position of the port in order to remain the principal Southern-European port for the transportation of bulk solids z develop a major Mediterranean roll on roll off hub z increase passenger traffic As part of this project, Dr. Fedi works alongside various maritime companies, e. As opposed to existing entities that have a limited local or regional positioning, the influence and vocation of this institute will be global with a systemic approach to the field maritime and port management.

    The combined approach of these 2 complementary actors is necessary not only for the improvement of maritime security and safety but also for finding an effective solution for the protection of the marine and coastal environment. These studies will become the subjects of colloquiums. The IIMMP will bring together professors and visiting experts from Euromed Management, as well as internationally renowned academic partners, especially those around the Mediterranean region, ex. Corinne Grenier In France, the social and medical care sector has strong potential to develop activities that are economically and socially attractive to companies and other organisations.

    The growth in and the contribution of social and medical care to the economy has been proven by many studies showing the ageing At the same time numerous factors contribute to maintaining the complexity and uncertainty of this sector, making it impossible for stable models of innovation, organisation, evaluation and governance to emerge.

    These issues and constraints are common to many so-called developed countries e. Canada , but also to those in the process of changing the organisation of their public health policies Maghreb. International research must enable the circulation of best practices as well as providing recommendations. In the Maghreb the problem of social and medical care is a way to more generally question the model of family, intergenerational, social and economic solidarity, and to culturally and politically test and validate our societal choices in terms of healthcare.

    In this environment, companies, institutions, and any other regulatory organisation that may intervene in this area currently face many interrogations that we have grouped into 5 themes: z Innovation in local social and medical care for people z Professionalisation, employment, service quality z Governance, organisation and innovative structuring z The technologies of social and medical care and the organisation of these services z Performance and the social utility of social and medical care One of the strengths of this project is the multidisciplinary aspect of the expertise of those involved in the project: the faculty at Euromed Management and research laboratories in the PACA region, Canada Montreal, Ottawa and the Maghreb zone.

    A special issue will be published with the best papers. Robert Spencer. The Purchasing function over the past 10 to 15 years has adopted an increasingly strategic profile within the firm. Faced with the difficulty of competing in an increasingly competitive market, upper management is looking less at Sales and Marketing and more towards Purchasing as a means of ensuring profits by reducing costs.

    Business in general has been impacted by the concerns regarding sustainable development and the Purchasing function seems to be at the heart of the matter. Purchasing is the interface between firms along the manufacturing channel, be it at the raw material level, the manufacturing and transformation level or even downstream at the end-user level. Purchasing strategy and choices will impact on final customer behaviour and vice versa. The research project will be run in collaboration with three NGOs as partners and experts to reinforce these dimensions: WWF environmental , Max Havelaar societal , and Extra-Muros social.

    Corporate partners will also actively participate and provide research funding. Three professors are involved in this project: Dr. Fabrice Rizzo and Dr. The combination of law and business management brings originality to this research project. Within the domain of strategic management and marketing, the main research axes are: - Consumer behaviour, customer relationship management and ticketing - Social networks and Public Relations - Reputation and brand management - Resource-based approaches and marketing decision This research program aims to become the first Euro-Mediterranean research centre linking law with management, focusing on entertainment and on the organisation of sporting events.

    This network, funded by the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research brings together ten research institutions from across the globe to foster research in the area of social and environmental aspects in business and management. The objective of this network is to foster conceptual and methodological exchange on innovative research in environmental and social aspects of business and management. Through this network the partners strive to further their research in the management of social and environmental aspects in companies within the international scientific community.

    The activities of SEABUS comprise among others the publication of two special issue academic journals, numerous exchanges of researches, the organisation of a Research Summer Academy held in Berlin in June , a series of research workshops and a transfer workshop held in Brussels in October The project, started in June , will run for 3 years. It comprises a valuebased environmental sustainability analysis of Nordic companies using the Sustainable Value approach to analyse the relevance of environmental, social and governance information on financial markets. The analysis will also provide a quantitative monetary assessment that integrates environmental and financial performance of the assessed companies.

    The results of the analysis will feed into the development of a Nordic value rating and the construction of a Nordic value index. The aim of the network is to offer the member organisations insights into academic research in terms of environmental and social responsibility issues, while feeding academic research with the experience of managers. During , the network met once a month to discuss issues such as performance and responsibility, diversity and responsibility, or corporate social responsibility and changes in the business model. Several Euromed Management academic members - Dr. Katia Richomme-Huet, Dr.

    Virginie Martin, Dr. Virginie Vial. Monthly meetings provided the opportunity to present, discuss, and work on topics such as stakeholder identification and management, business ethics, business model innovation for sustainable development, valuation of organisational social capital, and sustainable performance measurement.

    This project led by Dr. It is expected to identify patterns, best practices and different variables that will enable the creation of the first taxonomy of business models in the Digital Economy. Stakeholders interested in the project results are: entrepreneurs, business incubators, national and local governments, financial bodies and academics. A comprehensive report will be published in Bernard Paranque Dr. The network gathers approximately forty investment promotion agencies IPA , international networks and territorial development players across the Mediterranean.

    ANIMA is coordinator of the Economic Week of the Mediterranean; a yearly recurring event organised by various communities held in Marseilles in November each year and represents the investment community in various events conferences, shows, exhibitions, etc. Euromed Management is a member of the board of directors and Prof. Bernard Paranque is the treasurer. Its role is also to promote research cooperations in the fields of emerging financial markets, microfinance and family business. This group focuses on innovating themes beyond BtoB marketing, relating to the nature of and the making and shaping of markets performativity… markets as ongoing constructions.

    There is an active exchange and cooperation between group members who organise workshops each year. The first workshop took place at Euromed Management in April Araujo, H. Kjellberg and R. Ernesto Tapia-Moore Dr.

    Welcome | HEC Paris

    Other than two initiatives OECD and EU driven the internationalisation process of firms is still generally carried out on a local scale and is mainly quantitative. Given time,academic and Rotary International partners from non-Mediterranean continental European countries will enter the network. A yearly conference addressing internationalisation process issues from both academic and business perspectives will be organised once the critical network size has been reached. Lagoarde is working on this project with Dr.

    Brian M. The objective of this project is to investigate cross-firm allocation of liquidity gains following market reforms in small African economies going through international financial integration. Analysing the distribution of postreform firm level liquidity would have three types of implications: z From a policy design point of view, stock market development reforms ultimately seek to enhance the global integration and competitiveness of local firms. Divergence in the dynamics of firm-level liquidity would suggest that financial market reforms should be preceded or accompanied b y industrial policies seeking to modify the characteristics of listed domestic firms e.

    Our analysis would also have implications for the allocation of domestic and international portfolios in the aftermath policy reforms. The project will involve the use of time series and panel microeconomic data obtained from national African Stock Exchanges over the period The study was carried out in June , when Dr. Lagoarde-Segot visited Trinity College Dublin. In: Journal of Business Research , Vol.

    In: Management International , Vol. In pursuit of blended value in social entrepreneurial ventures: An empirical investigation. De Hoe, Roxane ; Janssen, Frank. Ngo, Vi Dung ; Janssen, Frank. Resources investment and export competitive advantage of firms in a transition economy: the moderating role of domestic institutional environment and competitive pressures. Student entrepreneurial optimism and overconfidence across cultures. Gueguen, G.

    Annuaire de la Recherche Euromed Management

    In: Revue internationale P. Studying regulation as a source of opportunity rather than as a constraint for entrepreneurs: an alternative approach and research propositions. University students and their faculty: perceptions of entrepreneurial optimism, overconfidence and entrepreneurial intentions.

    Une interview du Professeur Norris F. Entrepreneurial perceptions and intentions : The role of gender and culture. In: Revue de l'Entrepreneuriat , Vol. Janssen, Frank ; Taskin, Laurent. Entrepreneurial intentions, motivations and barriers: Differences among American, Asian and European students. Bacq, Sophie ; Janssen, Frank. The multiple faces of social entrepreneurship: A review of definitional issues based on geographical and thematic criteria. Entrepreneuriat contraint et volontaire: quel impact sur le choix sectoriel des entrepreneurs?

    In: Revue Louvain , , no. Janssen, Frank. Spitzeck, Heiko ; Janssen, Frank. Social entrepreneurship: Implications for management practice. In: La Libre Belgique , 9 juin Cultiver les projets de la seconde chance. In: L'Expansion Entrepreneuriat , Vol. Does the environment influence the employment growth of SMEs? Giacomin, Olivier ; Janssen, Frank. Penser la loi autrement. Small business et job machine.

    In: L'Expansion Entrepreneuriat , no. The conceptualization of growth: are employment and turnover interchangeable criteria? In: Journal of Entrepreneurship , Vol. In: L'Echo , Vol. Janssen, Frank ; Zintz, Thierry. Sport et entrepreneuriat: innover. In: La Libre Entreprise , Vol.

    Teaching international entrepreneurship through student exchange:observations, obstacles and recommendations. In former les entrepreneurs. Cap sur l'entrepreneuriat social. In: La Libre Entreprise , Octobre Les trajectoires de croissance des jeunes entreprises. Cerrada, Karine ; Janssen, Frank. Do managers' characteristics influence the workforce growth of SME's? Janssen, Frank ; Cerrada, Karine. PME et gouvernance. In: La Libre Entreprise , Juin In: La Libre Belgique , Vol.

    Janssen, Frank ; Braconnier, Alexandre. In: Revue Gestion , Vol. Nicolopoulou, K. La croissance de l'entreprise: Une obligation pour les PME? Crijns, Hans ; De Clercq, D. Entreprendre : Etudes de cas , Intersentia: Antwerp-Oxford, Ondernemen caseboek , Intersentia: Antwerp-Oxford, In: Bonnet, J. Janssen, Frank ; Ngo, Vi Dung.

    Sub-national market-supporting institutions and export behavior. La croissance. Janssen, Frank ; Surlemont, Bernard. Janssen, Frank ; Boissin. Norris F. Krueger, Jr. In: Messeghem K. In: Autenne, A. Pratiques entrepreneuriales dans le secteur social. Under what conditions can a regulation become a source of entrepreneurial opportunities? Dejardin, M. Madrid-Guijarro, A. In: Gundolf K. Governing for impact and performance within social entrepreneurial ventures : the mediating role of organizational capabilities. In: Zacharakis, A. Carter, S.

    Kelley, D. Kickul, J. Leleux, B. Lumpkin, T. Marino, L. Schindehutte, M. Corbett, A. Delmar, F. Edelman, L. Gruber, M. Honig, B. Janssen, Frank ; Schmitt, Christophe. Pour une analyse critique de l'entrepreneuriat. Structuring the field of social entrepreneurship: A transatlantic comparative approach.

    In: Borch O. Studying the impact of regulation on entrepreneurship: How to overcome current conflicting results? In: Fink M. In: Janssen F. Interdisciplinarity in cross-campus entrepreneurship education. In: Polge M. Janssen, Frank ; Polge, Marion. L'artisan face aux changements: une mise en perspective des paroles d'artisans. In: Bayad M.