Sport Supplement Reference Guide

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Sport Supplement Reference Guide

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Really looking forward to getting a copy. EDIT: or did you mean cliffs of the book? If so, it's too long.

Molecular Nutrition Sport Supplement Reference Guide – NutritionalPowerCenter

Id' need to hire sparknotes for this one. Originally Posted by Illadelphia. It definitely may be in print as we speak. This book also does not mention any product but rather individual ingredients.

Sport Supplement Reference Guide

You were 23 minutes late to posting the cover Just sayin. I like reading so I'll give this a look. I was unaware of this publication from Bill but am definitely interested in learning more about it and giving it a read. Anything from Bill is golden I still remember tha cage matches between Bill, Patrick and Caleb. In case you all are too young to remember, here's rare footage of William "Ultimate Warrior" Llewellyn back in bb. Xtreme Formulations Representative Bringing my a-game since ' I am looking forward to reading this.

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Molecular Nutrition William LLewellyn's Sport Supplement Reference Guide * 1 book

In addition, the Sport Supplement Reference Guide is filled with valuable information for anyone who feels lost in the frustrating maze of thousands of sports supplements, not knowing which way to turn. This is the first, most detailed, comprehensive, extensively researched and up-to-date guide ever written on the subject. Llewellyn describes the questionable marketing tactics used by many aggressive supplement companies and how to avoid getting duped, or even more serious, potentially develop health-related problems. You will also learn how and when each supplement can be used to its absolute maximum potential, the most effective dosages, as well as critical health information backed by key clinical studies.

You can have the world of performance science right at your fingertips, and the guesswork and frustration associated with too many choices removed.

Molecular Nutrition Sport Supplement Reference Guide

This groundbreaking and controversial book is a must-read before purchasing any performance-enhancing supplements. Why continue to throw money down the drain, when you can have the hard facts right now? William Llewellyn has over sixteen years as a research scientist, writer, and lecturer in the field of human performance enhancement.

He has authored nine books, and written countless articles for many leading magazines, including Muscular Development, where he has been a longtime contributor and monthly columnist. Follow Us On.

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