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As well, pets are sometimes stolen from their property. A pet detective can be called on to offer suggestions to the owner, or to do the actual investigation and search by using various technical methods. Pet detectives may check local shelters, hang up posters, speak with neighbours and use scent sniffing dogs.

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They are trained to watch out for clues, such as plants or small animals the pet may have eaten on the way or tracks that show their route. Some detectives will use binoculars, infrared vision equipment for night searches , DNA testing, video monitoring and highly sensitive audio equipment that can pick up sounds from a large area.

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Pet detectives have distinct personalities. Think you might match up? Take the free career test to find out if pet detective is one of your top career matches.

Take the free test now Learn more What is the workplace of a Pet Detective like? We know that by working together, we can accomplish great things. Learn More. Career Categories Home Office.

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Distribution Centers. Information Technology. PetsHotel Call Center. PetSmart on LinkedIn.

Our Vision We love pets and we believe pets make us better people. Information Technology The retail industry is evolving at lightning-fast pace and we're making significant Stores full of Smiles What better place to share your love for pets than in our stores? Stocking our Shelves At PetSmart, distribution is all about innovation, efficiency and getting products out Our Vision We love pets, and we believe pets make us better people.

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The beauty is that everyone can share it — everything from medical issues to what surgical equipment is best. We are always searching for skilled and experienced colleagues to join us in providing the highest quality pet care in Europe. Ready to make your next move?

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Vacant Positions With an extensive network of first opinion clinics and referral hospitals across Europe, explore your career options with IVC Group. Vacant diplomate and specialist positions We are always searching for skilled and experienced colleagues to join us in providing the highest quality pet care in Europe. Send us an email.