Fly Fishing: A Womans Guide

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A good resource from someone who knows the subject. It contains excellent illustrations and covers most of the basics in an easy to digest form.

Guided Trips

Denver Chapter Meeting - July 2, Well, we may not be stream fishing until the end of summer, so lets dust off the float boats and lake fish! It's always good to be reminded of some safety tips while floating or boating! I'll grab a couple of the club float tubes and during the social hour we can go over inflating the tubes, and … [Read More See more Colorado Women Flyfishers P.

Pat Kelly on Becoming a Fly Fishing Guide (Clip)

Box Denver, CO Next Monthly Meeting Denver Chapter Meeting - July 2, Well, we may not be stream fishing until the end of summer, so lets dust off the float boats and lake fish! Today, fly fishing is experiencing a golden age of female participants.

Here are a few of the many female anglers making waves right here in the Blue Ridge and around the country. Katie Cahn grew up fishing the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains near the border of North and South Carolina on land settled by her family in the s. I spent many study breaks at the river fly fishing. During those years I got to know the Tuckasegee, Nantahala, and a few other streams pretty well.

It took time, but with focus, perseverance and a little bit of mentoring, Katie soon became a highly proficient angler. It took weeks of getting caught-up in trees and untangling line. Not much has changed except that I catch fish now. On the weekends, you can find me in Western North Carolina. She advises other would-be female anglers to stick with the sport, even if barriers to entry like expensive gear and the long learning curve get in the way. Cassie Spurling began fly fishing at age five in the mountains of North Georgia, which she still calls home today.

Under the tutelage of her father, she learned the ins and outs of what would one day become a full-time obsession. I wanted to cast as well as him. There is nothing like getting a client on their first fish and seeing the excitement and joy in their eyes.

Six Women Who Are Revolutionizing the World of Fly Fishing

Jen Ripple learned to to fly fish on the banks of the Huron River not far from the campus of the University of Michigan, her employer at the time. A few years later, when Ripple left Ann Arbor for Chicago, she immediately got involved with a fly tying class at a local rod builder and fly shop in the city. She continued to write the column for about three months but eventually grew restless. So I decided to approach my editor about starting my own.

From that conversation, Dun Magazine—a publication that showcases female anglers from around the globe—was born. Now Jen does work for Dun from her home base in Dover, Tennessee where her backyard is adjacent to , acres of public land known as the Land Between the Lakes. You may know Abbi Bagwell from her popular series, somestreamerchick, where she demonstrates the finer points of fishing with a category of flies known as streamers. She landed a job with Flymen Fishing Company, a company that manufactures fly tying materials.

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Over the course of her tenure with Flymen, Abbi broadened her fly fishing knowledge and experience considerably. While she loves fly fishing and devotes much of her life to it, Abbi is well aware of the challenges female anglers face, particularly when breaking into the sport for the first time. She says her father was her biggest inspiration for overcoming these hurdles.

Her fondness for fly fishing emerged in when she enrolled in a one-day course in Leesburg, Virginia.

Women's Flyfishing Clubs

Guided Fly Fishing. I consider myself a teacher and strive to be the best angler, guide and volunteer I can be. According to Kiki, right now is one of the best times to be a female in the fly fishing industry.