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In a true gesture of friendship, deliver two pounds of only the best Starburst flavor to them. Everlane is also a good fit for friends who are concerned with transparency in business — especially with the company's new ReNew collection made from recycled plastic bottles. Dagne Dover is one of our all-time favorite handbag companies , and most of that has to do with quality, style, and a peerless attention to detail. The Lola Pouch comes in seven colors of genuine pebbled leather. It has helpful features like elastic lip gloss loops, slip pockets with hidden magnetic closures for compacts and shadows, and a smooth lining that's easily cleaned.

Zipper tabs can be unsnapped to adjust the shape, too. This double wall, vacuum insulated stainless steel mug is especially perfect for commuters who would rather drink hot coffee than room-temperature for the 45 minutes on the subway — or any other time. We're big fans , and it does a pretty incredible job of keeping cold drinks cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to six hours.

Especially good for long-distance best friends, this giant cardboard cutout of your face is one giant physical reminder that you care. Michael Scott once said that gifts were great because you can point to them and say "Hey man, I love you this many dollars worth. Book an experience like a pasta-making class, brewery tour, or local tour that the two of you can enjoy together.

Plus, you can buy this gift as last-minute as you like. Finding a convenient spot to place an open bottle of sticky, vibrant, and fast-drying liquid while you paint your nails is not easy.

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Adult coloring has had a resurgence in recent years as a great de-stressor even Kate Middleton is a fan. It turns out, though, that adult coloring is even more fun with adult beverages. Here's one that combines both. Artifact Uprising's brass and hardwood Display Box is a bit more aesthetically pleasing than the traditional picture frame.

My Last Best Friend (Friends for Keeps Series #1)

They can showcase their favorite picture by sliding it into the front of the box, and the box itself can hold up to 50 five-inch by five-inch Square Prints inside. A box stuffed full of chocolate needs no introduction, but this one is a pretty good deal. The box comes with 36 mini bars of gourmet artisan milk and dark chocolate, all made in small batches and free of artificial flavors.

The 14 flavors range from sweet to savory, and each bar is only 60 calories. This Celestial Silk pillowcase is one of the internet's hidden gems.

These SpongeBob SquarePants Around the World Memes Have Me Cackling

It's the one I personally own, and it makes a big difference for frizzy hair. It's a collection of poetry and prose dealing with love, loss, femininity, and survival. Manduka consistently makes some of the best yoga gear on the market, and their cult-favorite Yogitoes mat towels aren't an exception — they'd probably be the main response if you asked around yoga studios for a mat towel recommendation. Each Yogitoes towel is also made from at least eight recycled plastic water bottles, and the dyes used to make it are free of azo, lead, or heavy metal.

Maelove is a skincare company founded by a team of MIT grads skincare obsessives, brain and cancer researchers, and chemical engineers to make affordable, high-quality skincare accessible. I've tried it, and it does a great job of reducing hyperpigmentation, hydrating, and adding a "glow" to the skin. Read more here. For the world traveler, adventure companion, or person who has a lot of places left to see before they're satisfied, this leather passport cover is one of the best mixes of quality for price you're bound to find. Every time they use it, they'll think of you. Note: Order Leatherology gifts with expedited shipping if you need them by Christmas.

The last day for this is December Whether they're moving, always talking about redecorating, or would love a gallery wall but don't want to expend the necessary brain power, they'll appreciate a Modsy gift. The service makes an exact 3D, digital replica of their room and fills it with actual pieces of furniture from well-known brands that they can buy on the spot. You can get it in either crew-neck or v-neck styles , unisex sizing, and ten colors. In person, the cashmere is one of the softest I've felt.


Plus, Naadam is a sustainable startup. Mejuri is an up-and-coming Canadian jewelry startup, and it's one of our favorite names in affordable fine jewelry.

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These zodiac necklaces are gold vermeil, minimalist, and decorated with AAA-quality white sapphires. This new book by Abbi Jacobson, co-creator of "Broad City", deals with love, loss, work, comedy, and identity. They're not a new name, but UGG slippers have stuck around for a very good reason: they're incredibly soft, durable, and made really well. The sole is sturdy enough to withstand walks to the mailbox, and the water-resistant material can take a little gross winter slush on the way there. If you're looking for a cheaper alternative, check out Minnetonka — we're big fans of their mix of price and quality , too.

This now legendary AHA and BHA at-home "facial" gently resurfaces the skin to remove built-up dead skin cells and reveal brighter, more even skin underneath. For more skincare products, check out the best luxury skincare on Amazon and best gifts from Sephora here.

Adopt a Pet: Rescue Dogs & Cats for Adoption | Best Friends Animal Society

It seems like everyone and their best friend is talking about Outdoor Voices leggings, and these are the iconic pair that have recently made their way to Nordstrom. That's great news because Nordstrom is one of 15 stores that offer free in-store pickup for those last-minute shoppers who want to save on shipping. The Voting Game is basically a card game that gives you a funny prompt and invites you to anonymously answer "Who's the most likely to It's a great way to rehash your favorite memories and learn new stories. These smartphone stands are handmade out of glazed stoneware, and they double as vases so their owner can have the benefit of convenience without totally giving into the sterility of tons of tech devices.

Perfect for the avid coffee drinker or casual fan of the occult, this ceramic mug made by the independent artists of Society6 is a fun — and useful — gift. They've also got pretty much every mug pattern you could want. Have a best friend that loves music and a nice cocktail? The guide includes music from 70 albums, ranging from the '50s to the '00s, with an accompanying A-side and B-side cocktail for each — all organized by mood.

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Start heading to more boutique fitness classes with your best friend by making them easier and cheaper to attend. Make sure the first month of your "new year, new us" January project is on you.

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If they're a pet parent, this is one novelty gift that will probably wind up as a permanent fixture in their home. As their human best friend, you probably have access to ample photos of their pet kid already. The Lambruscos I tasted were frizzante slightly sparkling but some arrive as spumante, meaning they present the same kind of fizz as things like Champagne.

And like all sparklings, Lambrusco is improved immensely with a slight chill. You too, Drinking With Dougolytes, can savor lime, caramel corn, silk particulate and violet mousse simply by sipping. This is such a bonus. Do swing by the charming shop on Saturday afternoons for the pleasing wine tastings. But barbecue? I love it with spicy food, like Thai cuisine. Some fine Lambruscos are fairly sweet. Labels might say secco bone dry , amabile off-dry and dolce very sweet.

Pro tip: Examine alcohol percentages on bottles to figure out how sweet a wine is. Yeasts convert sugars into alcohol; a wine high in alcohol means yeasts turned most, if not all, of the sugars into booze. A wine with lower alcohol will probably be sweeter, because the fermentation stopped before the yeasts could gobble up all of the sugars.

The principal clones? Sorbara, Salamino and Grasparossa. Skip to content.